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Finding the perfect nanny

Hiring a nanny is a challenging and important process–deciding to whom to entrust your loved ones. For families that are doing this on their own or using online services find that it is not easy to find quality childcare. TLC Domestic Agency makes it easier for you to find the perfect match for your family with confidence!

Our domestic agency conducts thorough checks and reference verification from previous employers. The goal is to provide you with profiles that contain extensive information about our candidates which includes personality screening, Criminal background checks which include felonies, registered sex offenders, child abuse, DUI and misdemeanors. We also offer our nannies current First Aid and CPR training, and encourage a Tuberculosis test. 

Live-out nannies typically have worked for several years taking care of newborn babies and toddlers. Most of our nannies will do housekeeping and laundry. Many have a valid driver’s license, their own reliable transportation, and speak fluent or good English. TLC Domestic Agency nannies are trained child care providers, and their responsibility is to keep your children safe, happy, and engaged. Our nannies are warm, enthusiastic and very responsible individuals. TLC nannies have experience dealing with the daily routines of children, including implementing daily schedules, planning educational games, arts & crafts projects, and outdoor activities. Nannies focus on the children, their safety, learning development including healthy meal preparation, daily hygiene, diaper changing, bottle feeding, administering medicine, following parents instructions, potty training, driving children to and from school, taking children to the doctor when needed, running errands for the family, shopping, assisting with homework, teaching children second language.

Live-in nannies basically perform similar tasks as live-out nannies. If the family requires a more flexible schedule from a nanny, then a live-in nanny is the perfect solution. The family is required to provide separate room for the nanny.  Part-time nannies work flexible schedule and this could be 5 days per week or just 1 day per week with minimum of 4 hours. Weekend nannies can stay overnight or can come for few hours per day to watch your children. Baby nurse/doula will provide the highest level of care for newborns in the first days of life, while helping parents with the newborn care. It’s a nonjudgmental support for the parents that include gentle guidance and education. Additionally, parents will get the opportunity to learn appropriate breast feeding and the establishment of healthy sleep training and patterning throughout the night.

TLC Domestic Agency provides the perfect match for family and nanny.

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